KOHIMA Visit 2010

British Gurkhas Nepal Staff standing next to the 2nd British Division Memorial in
the Commonwealth War Cemetery, Kohima.

In April this year a small team of British and Gurkhas officers & soldiers visited the Kohima War Cemetery to pay their respects to the fallen. They timed their visit to coincide with the 66th anniversary of the lifting of the Siege and laid wreaths in remembrance of the 1,287 British, Indian, Gurkha and Allied soldiers and airmen who fell in battle and are commemorated in the Commonwealth War Cemetery.

LCpl Bhimprasad Gurung, Royal Gurkha Rifles, lays a wreath to remember
all the fallen soldiers and airmen at Kohima.

Flowers were also laid in Regimental plots. The party was led by Major R G J (Rick) Bevan RGR, OC British Gurkhas Pokhara/SO2 Recruiting. He was accompanied by: Capt Deb Bahadur Ghale RGR, Capt A D B Crawley RGR, Capt D McKerr QGE, Sgt Gitajang Gurung RG, Sgt Manprasad Gurung QG SIGNALS and LCpl Bhimprasad Gurung RGR.

An old soldier from the Assam Regt salutes the team.

The team conducted a three-day battlefield tour of Kohima before returning to Nepal by train on 22 April 2010. The visits were organized by GOC 2 Div and Poppy Travel last year and this one by Maj Bevan, together with the work of KET, continue to raise the consciousness of this great Battle in the minds of the British public.

Memorial to all the Fallen, Commonwealth War Cemetery, Kohima. The infamous
tennis court is in the foreground.

Sgt Manprasad Gurung, Queen's Gurkha Signals, lays flowers at the grave of
Signaller F H Boyd, Royal Signals.

The British Gurkhas Pokhara Team in Naga Shawls.

The Naga Bazaar in Kohima.

Recent figures from the Museum of the War in Kohima show that in just over four months from December 2009 to April 2010, they had just over 11,000 visitors, with the majority of foreign visitors being Japanese.