Keith Halnan Medical Library inauguration and Scholarship Awards 2008

Margret Halnan and Librarian
Kohima Central Librarian with Margaret Halnan

Margaret Halnan
Margaret Halnan is given a Naga shawl

At the invitation of the Kohima Educational Society, in April 2008, Mrs Margaret Halnan travelled to Kohima to inaugurate the Keith Halnan Medical Library, located in the building of the Central Library, Kohima.

Margaret Halnan is the widow of Captain Keith Halnan who served at Kohima and was a Trustee of the Kohima Educational Trust.

Margaret also presented four Scholarship Awards to Nursing Trainees and eighteen awards to Scholarship pupils (see photos below).

Nursing students journey into Kohima to study at the Central Hospital. At the hospital the students learn essential nursing basics and take the knowledge back to their (often remote) villages where there is little to no medical care. Full knowledge of midwifery is particularly vital in the region.

Their villages are hours away from where they study with very little transport available.

Such is the dedication of the students that one girl travelled three days to attend the ceremony, one arrived on foot and two came by bus. Another pupil was prevented from making it to the ceremony as a mud slide had closed the road and the bus was unable to reach Kohima.

KET provides these girls with lodging and sustenance whilst they are studying, for without this help they would not be able to accept such an opportunity.

Halnan Library
The Keith Halnan Medical Library

Award presentation
Margaret Halnan presents a Nursing Scholarship award

The four Keith Halnan Nursing Scholarship candidates

During the ceremony one of the fifteen-year old students read out, in his own words, a thank you to KES and the Kohima Educational Trust, for presenting the awards.

Student says thank you
A student says "thank you"

Eighteen prizewinners
The Scondary School pupils who received Kohima Educational Trust scholarships at the 2008 ceremony in Kohima

Following the inauguration Margaret Halnan and her daughter Sarah visited the War Cemetery. After which they went on to see the Naga Village and the Cameron Highlanders' Memorial as well as the Meriama Ridge where Margaret Halnan’s husband had been in action during WWII.

Source: KET News April 2008