Dictionaries for Naga Schools

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionaries ready for distribution

One of the major projects for the Kohima Educational Trust in 2008 has been the provision of a good English language learning dictionary to every secondary school in Nagaland.

The dictionary project got underway during the summer after KET purchased and delivered to Kohima 450 Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionaries.

The first presentation of dictionaries was made in May 2008 at a conference of Head Teachers, held in Kohima.

Head teacher receives a dictionary

Dictionay presentation
President of the Private Schools Association presents dictionaries

The President of the Private Schools Association, Aheto, presented an Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary to each of the 35 or so heads of Naga schools.

The second event was held the following day in a large outdoor arena where the presentation was made by the Speaker of the Government of Nagaland to around 35 heads of schools.

Arena presentation
The arena used for the dictionary presentation

During October 2008 the remaining 200 dictionaries will be presented.