A Modest Ambition
July 2009

KET projects
Postgraduate Course University of York

It is a modest ambition to help a teacher attend a postgraduate course at the University of York so that s/he can return to Nagaland and become more effective at teaching. At the same time it is very ambitious to help change lives to improve education in this remote area of India.

The Kohima Educational Trust has a number of such modest ambitions. We set about this without interfering in any way. India in general, and Nagaland in particular, have suffered enough foreign intervention over the years to want any more of the same. Most of us at KET are either veterans of the fighting in these parts in 1944 or are relatives and friends. We owe the people of Nagaland a deep debt of gratitude for their support in those difficult times.
I recently met Patricia, a young teacher from Dimapur in Nagaland, in York UK. She was in the middle of the two-week residential segment of an MA in Education at the University there. Patricia was selected by the Kohima Educational Society in Nagaland and supported by the Kohima Educational Trust while in the UK.
Education in its broadest sense is the key to improvement in so many aspects of life. We take for granted the wide availability of well-resourced state education in the UK but this is not the case elsewhere in the world.
We realise that taxpayers’ money cannot be ‘thrown around’ carelessly, in India or the UK. So we keep it simple. At KET we focus on raising money from generous sponsors who share our convictions. Our sister organisation The Kohima Educational Society identifies suitable projects in Nagaland and oversees completion of these selected projects. But even if we are able to help to put something back into these proud communities, it will never be enough.
If we can change the life of just one school pupil in Nagaland, or help to train just one nurse through our scholarship programme, it will have been well worthwhile.
A number modest ambitions can add up to something significant.
Nick Pinfield
Secretary, KET