Letter to all our supporters 2012

KET is now eight years old. It’s going pretty well, thanks to the work of our Trustees and to you. This annual Newsletter is proving to be an effective way for us to keep in touch with you, our partners, and to make contact with new partners. We also have a good flow of correspondence, by email, letter and by phone. KET is becoming a community.
Now and then we talk about professionalizing our fundraising. We have found so far that if we tell enough people about our purpose and provenance, the money we need comes in.

Kohima Film David S Percy directing
Film crew interviewing WWII veteran Vikienyü Nagi in Jotsoma

A major fundraising venture this year is a documentary film on Kohima being made at a fraction of commercial costs thanks to the generosity of the filmmaker, David S Percy. We do not see ourselves as a conventional charity, rather as a vehicle of gratitude, honouring those who gave their lives at Kohima and fulfilling our debt of honour to the Naga people by assisting in modest ways, the cause of education in Nagaland.
This assistance is composed of a variety of projects, large and small. Your gifts can be devoted, specifically if you wish to scholarships, of which we now have a running total of seventy-five, each lasting for three years, or to any of a dozen other projects, or to all of them. A branch of the English-speaking Union recently requested that their donation should be devoted to our glossary of the sixteen Naga languages.

A project currently needing more funds is our children’s hostel at Pangsha, nearly completed, one hundred miles east of Kohima which will enable children from neighbouring villages to go to school. And a major future project is to build a reception/information office at the Kohima war cemetery.
Progress in the last year or two has been slowed by delays in obtaining Government of India permission to remit funds. We now have permission to remit as much as we decide. Another problem recently solved was the burden of administration on our associates in Kohima. We have now appointed a full-time executive manager there.
In the UK we have a serious ongoing challenge to meet which we seek your help: the passage of time, a sign of which those of you who were at the service in York this year will have noticed – an inspiring occasion impeccably organised as usual by the 2 Signals Regiment.

The service, which until 2004 was followed by a march past of hundreds of veterans, was this year attended by only eighteen. However, the congregation was no smaller. The following generations are taking over.
But this does not happen without reaching out. So we have two requests to each of you.

One, please spread the word “Tell Them of Us”, to quote the second line of the Kohima epitaph. Two, please come to York next April and bring family and friends.  It’s a warm, friendly and memorable gathering, the high point of the KET year.

Gordon Graham, President
Robert Lyman, Chairman