KOHIMA Red Carpet Film Premiere and Fundraising Event
took place on 4 April

KOHIMA ducumentary film

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This poignant film depicts how one of the epic battles of World War II devastated a remote mountain village in North East India and how sixty years later British veterans resolved to recognise a debt of honour to the Naga people who had fought alongside them.

Following rarely seen film footage shot during the battle, the film moves seamlessly from the mud and misery of senseless slaughter to Kohima today, a bustling town in the heart of which lies the war cemetery where thousands of graves mark the resting places of soldiers killed in the battle.

Interviews with British and Naga veterans are intermingled with scenes of the countryside today and entrancing shots of Naga schoolchildren.

Photographed and Directed by David S Percy ARPS, one of Britain’s award-winning documentary film-makers, and narrated by Dame Diana Rigg, Kohima: An Exploration of War, Memory and Gratitude will touch the hearts of all who see it.

“A haunting film but filled with redemption.  It tells an incredible story of heroism and sacrifice and should be seen by as wide an audience as possible.”

Fergal Keane OBE, BBC Foreign Correspondent

"WHAT a film.  David Percy had taken on a particularly difficult job and I can only congratulate him for such a comprehensive account of Kohima today, Kohima in 1944, engaging clips particularly of the Naga people and one of the clearest accounts of the battle that I have ever come across.  He had a lot to include and, knowing what a wide range of people would be keenly interested, I felt he has done them all justice!"  – Alison Browne

"A fascinating story – touching and visually striking." – Marcus Ferrar, Author and Journalist

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"I have watched your very fascinating and moving film on Kohima. You seem to have caught the old Naga men you interviewed just in time, but how coherent they are! Would that I could be so articulate in my 90s."
Nancy Leys Stepan, Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University

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Kohima: An Exploration of War, Memory and Gratitude
Made by Aulis Productions see also The Belsize Story click here

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