Marathon Training Update – November 2013

Stuart May completes the Isle of Wight Marathon

IOW Marathon
Stuart completes Isle of Wight Marathon

I completed the Isle of Wight Marathon on 6 October as planned. The pre-race instructions stated that the new route was of an ‘undulating nature that took the runner through rolling countryside and along minor roads’.

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and the run started at 11am, with a lap of the sports field at Cowes Community Centre, before heading out onto the road.
The undulations and rolling countryside were fine for about 14 miles but after that a strange metamorphosis occurred, with the undulating, rolling countryside becoming a series of energy-sapping, calf-muscle-trashing challenges which changed my perception of what a beautiful day it was (I think I was even rude to a lady that offered me a jelly baby!).

After 22 miles my description of the undulations could not be repeated in civilized company. To top it all, the final undulation took me past a pub, where a mate of mine was enjoying a pint of lager in the sunshine. I had a baseball cap on and hoped that he wouldn’t recognize me but he did and he gave me some advice on alternative activities that I should pursue on a Sunday afternoon.
All joking aside, it was a great day and a tough run (I completed it in 4hrs 17mins), but more importantly it is part of my training programme leading up to running the London Marathon for the Kohima Educational Trust.
I have continued to train with the minimalist running shoes and it really does force you to run in a different way. I am only doing short distances and recovery runs at the moment but intend to build distance and may try to squeeze another marathon in before Christmas. I have even got a catchphrase now:


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