April 2015: Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham 1920-2015

It is with great regret we announce that Gordon Graham passed away on Friday 24th April 2015. Born and educated in Glasgow, Gordon enlisted in the army at the outbreak of WWII. He was awarded the MC and Bar in the 1944 and 1945 Burma campaign.

In 2004, Gordon founded The Kohima Educational Trust to create something permanent to remember those who died in one of the key battles of WWII – the Battle of Kohima/Imphal in 1944. The Trust provides educational assistance to the young people of Nagaland, India in order to repay the debt of honour owed for their unstinting help given to the 2nd Division and other British Army units during the battles of 1944.

The Kohima Educational Trust was much Gordon Graham's brainchild, and without his energy and ideas the Trust would not be where it is today. Thankfully, KET now benefits from an energetic and enthusiastic board of Trustees and together with the Chief Executive, Sylvia May, it is ready to build on Gordon’s dream and ensure that it thrives well into the future.

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Dr Phyobemo Ngully

Dr Phyobemo Ngully made the long journey from Nagaland to the UK specially to be present at Gordon Graham’s funeral on 7 May 2015.

Phyobemo Ngully said:

It is an ancient Naga belief that when a friend passes away we have to be present at the precise hour of their committal service, so that as he leaves he arrives in the hearts of all his friends.

His friends in Nagaland wanted to come, but it is very difficult for all of them to travel here. So I came on their behalf to ensure Gordon’s arrival into all our hearts. I am sure I have fulfilled the wish of our Naga friends.

We have always passed on stories on using the oral tradition. Such stories were told and passed on to my forebears. And so this is how Gordon’s memory will continue to live on in the future with the Nagas.


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