The Trees are All Young on Garrison Hill – Audiobook
A Personal Memoir featuring the Battle of Kohima
Written and Read by Gordon Graham

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Written and read by a veteran of the Burma Campaign in World War II, Gordon Grahamís powerful and at times moving delivery takes the listener on a journey from a quiet, respectable boyhood and adolescence in Scotland to the sudden brutality of jungle warfare in Assam and Burma, and afterwards through the twilight of empire in India to his later life as an international publishing executive doing business with his former Japanese enemies.

Garrison Hill was the epicentre of one of the fiercest and most strategically vital battles of World War II. Overlooking Kohima, a town in the Naga hills of North East India, Garrison Hill was until 1944 a tranquil tree-clad enclave surrounding the Commissioner’s bungalow and tennis court. Suddenly in April 1994, it became the scene of intensive close-quarter combat between a Japanese force attempting to invade India and a British division thrust into action to repel it.

Bridging his early life and his life after the war the author turns what could have been a conventional war memoir into a very personal autobiography. This story ranges from his first love and political shenanigans as an undergraduate in Scotland through searing war incidents, such as rescuing the wounded in the battlefield or holding the hand of a dying comrade under fire, to his romantic marriage and tragic in bereavement in Bombay, city of his vanished dreams.

Audio Listen to an audio extract

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