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This poignant film depicts how one of the epic battles of World War II devastated a remote mountain village in North East India and how sixty years later British veterans resolved to recognise a debt of honour to the Naga people who had fought alongside them.

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“I am hugely impressed.  I am not sure that one should “enjoy” such documentary films since there can surely be no enjoyment in battle but I think David Percy has made a superb film.  I though it a perfect blend of past and present, the protagonists, the extraordinary part played by the Naga people and the role of KET.  The film and sound were exceptional, no doubt all the more so on the big screen.” – Ted Shields

“It is a very professional production, with superb photography, and very well tied together by your commentaries.” – Angus Fairrie

“It is a deeply moving story, and beautifully told.” – John Churchill

"I enjoyed the Kohima documentary. It was incredible to hear the Naga veterans’ accounts of the bitter fighting in their areas, and to learn how selflessly they worked and fought for the Allies despite the devastation of their communities. Gordon Graham is so dignified and eloquent, and I loved Ray Jackson too – they are all so understated about the great sacrifices they made. The beautiful scenery and modern day vignettes of Nagaland bring home what a positive role the KET plays in the Kohima legacy – I hope you are all very proud. – Marianna Walker

“Well produced; David Percy has done an excellent job.  I really found it most interesting and I wonder how more people can be persuaded to learn about everything you and your colleagues in battle went though to save India from the plundering Japanese.” – J P Macpherson

“A first class piece of work although I got a considerable shock when I heard my name.  What can I say, other than if you are only every going to be mentioned in one film that’s the sort of film and the sort of subject you would choose.  Thank you.  I only wish that my dad had lived a few months longer.  He would have loved the film." – Roy McCallum

“I hold the Burma Star.  I was moved by the film – it brought back memories.” – Dennis Newland

“We were much impressed by the sensible and balanced approach.  The Nagas – rightly – were given as much space and time as the British, and it was touching, and in its way moving, to think that these wonderful old men were our precise contemporaries." – David Murray

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Kohima: An Exploration of War, Memory and Gratitude
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