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KET visit to the Burma Kohima Lodge

KET visit to the Burma Kohima Lodge

KET CEO Sylvia was honoured be invited to the Burma Kohima Lodge in Guildford on 16th November 2021 and we thank Mr Steve Davis (pictured below far left) and all the members of the Lodge for extending such a thoughtful invitation to KET. 

Sylvia attended the ceremony of the Vacant Chair (pictured below) to commemorate Armistice Day and remember all those who gave their lives fighting for their country.  

The Ceremony of the Vacant Chair Burma Kohima Lodge


As part of the ceremony, Sylvia was asked to read aloud a poem written by her father, World War II veteran Major Gordon Graham, entitled "Kohima 1954" recalling his experiences and memories of the battle of Kohima in 1944.  Limited edition signed copies of this poem (both framed and unframed - example image below) are available from our website shop.


Sylvia was then invited to give a talk about the history of the Kohima Educational Trust which was founded by her father and other veterans of the battle. She spoke about the work of the Trust over the last 18 years, and the impact of KET's educational support by providing scholarships to young people in Nagaland today.


KET trustee Ben Brownless also attended the evening with our pop-up shop (pictured below) selling handmade Naga clothing, scarves, jewellery, books and crafts including our new range of Christmas cards.  We were most grateful for the interest shown and for the purchase of many of our items.  

KET Trustee Ben Brownless with KET Shop


KET are very grateful for the warmth of the welcome they received at the Burma Kohima Lodge.  We thank them most sincerely for the kindness and enormous generosity shown during the evening, at the end of which Mr Tony Parkes of the Burma Kohima Lodge (pictured below) presented Sylvia with the sum of £3,271.40 raised and donated in support of our work. It will allow us to award 5 five-year scholarships and will make a very significant difference to the lives of 5 young people in Kohima.

Sylvia May receives a cheque from Mr Tony Parkes of Burma Kohima Lodge

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