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Mind Your Health Workshops 2021

Mind Your Health Workshops 2021


The fifth Mind Your Health programme (devised and conducted by Dr Phyobemo Ngully, Chairman of KES) was held on 2nd-6th November at Arehintre Thuyo, Kiphire district, for the male church leaders from this remote area of Nagaland. It was held at the request of the church leaders – in total 25 attended the workshop from 25 different villages. The Mind Your Health programme is based on the principle that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and was taught using SMART objectives. The aim is to teach church leaders the basics of good health and healthy living. They are made aware how the various systems in the body function to keep them hale and hearty. The programme focuses on recognising commonly prevailing illnesses and diseases. The goal is for attendees to be able to help needy persons access the right medical treatment, and at the earliest possible opportunity. The workshop was conducted using the adult learning method in an interactive and participatory mode. The programme was spread over four days, encouraging discussion and interaction. Challenging traditional ideas and encouraging acceptance of new thoughts, Dr Ngully included a number of two-hour sessions on the basic functions of the human body: digestive, excretory and circulatory systems. This was followed by respiratory, skeletal, muscular and dermal systems and finally the nervous and reproductive systems.


Day three included discussions on general and mental health issues. The medical kits were handed out on day four, which was then devoted to learning about their contents, their usage and practice sessions. Each kit contains a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, an Accu-Chek Digital Monitor for screening blood sugar and diabetes, a Digital Thermometer and a Weighing Machine. These kits cost £108 and are given to every attendee of the course to take back to their village. Each attendee is also given a KET/KES certificate confirming them as Wellness Ambassadors.

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