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Browsing through a treasure house: the literature of the Burma campaign

Browsing through a treasure house: the literature of the Burma campaign

By the late Gordon Graham MC

KET trustee Dr Robert Lyman's blog The War Room features an article written by KET founder & Kohima veteran Major Gordon Graham MC about books on the Burma campaign. 

Rob explains: 

"This wonderful piece was written for Dekho, the magazine of the Burma Star Association (now the Burma Star Memorial Fund) in 2010 by the late Gordon Graham. I found it today when going through some papers and thought others would enjoy reading it. Gordon, who was a friend for many years, loved books, and books about the Burma Campaign became a passion in the last quarter of his life. He donated his entire library to SOAS: this now forms the Burma Campaign Memorial Library. If you need to find any published material on the Burma Campaign, you’ll find it there. Of course, many more books have been published about the Burma Campaign in the past decade. In due course, someone will need to bring Gordon’s list up-to-date.

In addition to reminding myself about books I still need to read, this article brought a tear to my eye. Gordon Graham died, aged 95, in April 2015. He was a force of nature; I will never forget him. His abiding legacy is, of course, the Kohima Educational Trust."

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Article: The literature of the Burma campaign

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