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Nagas Role in World War II
07 May 2019
The Second World War (1939-1945) is an important historical event of the World. Even for the Nagas they…
The First Naga Bibliography
22 Feb 2019
This 57-page document is the first exhaustive bibliography of books on Nagas and books by Nagas.

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KOHIMA: An Exploration of War, Memory and Gratitude
Narrated by Dame Diana Rigg, this poignant film depicts how one of the epic battles of WWII devastated…
The Battle of Kohima - As the Naga People Saw It
The first comprehensive Naga narrative on the Battle of Kohima (Naga experiences). A production of the…
Ursula Graham Bower and the Nagas
Produced by the Royal British Legion, this film follows the extraordinary story of Ursula Graham Bower…
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