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The Kohima Educational Trust (KET) holds personal information for the Charity to provide information to its supporters and deliver its charitable aims. It also holds personal information about trustees and staff sufficient to fulfil its obligations as a charity and employer

This personal information consists of name, postal address, phone numbers and email addresses. We use the information to contact supporters about the Charity’s on-going work, events organised by the Charity and to inform you of KET fundraising initiatives. Where a supporter has donated money for a specific purpose we will also record this to ensure the money is used for this purpose. Should a donor have ‘gift-aided’ their donation the amount of money in each financial year will also be recorded.

Most of the KET’s charitable work in Nagaland is delivered by our sister charity registered in India, the Kohima Educational Society (KES). Where a supporter has given a donation in a specific name or in memory of another we will share the appropriate name with the KES. We do not share any other personal information with the KES. The KET does not transfer personal data to any other organisation and it will never sell personal information to another organisation. Where a KET supporter has sponsored the education of a named child in Nagaland, the supporter will be informed of the name of the child. Very often the child will write to their sponsor to thank them, however the sponsor will not be told the address of the child they are supporting. The KES must comply with Indian data protection legislation, presently embodied in India’s Information Technology Act 2000.

The KET is legally bound by the Data Protection Act 2018 (which compliments the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations) to ensure that any data it holds on individuals is relevant, accurate and not excessive. Additionally it must be fairly and lawfully processed, held for defined purposes (which we have defined above), be accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than necessary, processed in line with your rights and must be secure. To ensure this the KET will:

  • Inform a requesting individual of any personal data relating to them which is held by KET. Any individual wishing to exercise this right should apply in writing (including email) to the CEO. Any member of staff or trustee receiving such a request is to forward this to the CEO. A copy of personal data held will normally be provided for free.
  • Update personal information as quickly as possible if it is found to be inaccurate or out of date.
  • If requested by an individual, permanently delete our records of their personal information, unless required to keep it by legislation.
  • Permanently delete personal information if it has been more than six years since a supporter has been in contact with the Charity (unless required by legislation to keep the information for longer).
  • Store electronic and paper based information securely, and when deleting information do so permanently in a way it cannot be recovered.

Further questions about the KET’s Data Protection Policy should be sought through the CEO via email sylvia@kohimaeducationaltrust.org, or by post at the following address:

The Thatched Cottage, Newbury Road, East Hendred, OX12 8LG

Additional general information about your data protection rights is provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) www.ico.org.uk

Last reviewed: 12 Nov 2018